Statut : Chercheur
Groupe : SPL
Téléphone : 01 69 31 99 37

After university studies in Paris, I started research on Laser science and with as the first frame a thesis on the injection of a free electron laser by harmonics produced in gases, PhD in collaboration between CEA, Soleil and Riken in Japan. Then I spent here at LOA two years of post doc in the FLEX group to develop new sources for future injection of free electron laser and X-ray laser. I am since 2010 a permanent member of the SPL group, as a research engineer, to bring my knowledge of free electron lasers and harmonics and develop / use sources of electrons generated by laser. I also work in collaboration with the LCPMR, laboratory in Paris, on the using of high harmonics to study the magnetism dynamics of complex metallic materials with femtosecond resolution.


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