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The ILM group uses amplified ultra-short pulses produced by femtosecond lasers to study the properties and changes on the mater when irradiated by such intense laser pulses. One of the main topics is the propagation of these ultrashort pulse through transparant media in a non-linear regime.

Femtosecond filamentation occurs spontaneously when a short intense laser pulse is launched through a transparent medium with a power above a critical value. We study different properties of filaments like electromagnetic emission, pulse shortening, electrical discharge guiding...


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Since January 2017 the ILM group coordinates the European FET-OPEN project "Laser Lightning Rod". Funded under the Horizon 2020 European programme, the LLR project aims to investigate and develop a new type of lightning protection based on the use of upward lightning discharges initiated by a high-repetition-rate multi-terawatt laser. The laser-based system could be easily deployable for the protection of vulnerable installations such as electrical plants, launching pad, airports...


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