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Postdoc: Plasma-based particle accelerators

Edité le 16/05/2017

 Within Ecole Polytechnique’s Department of Physics, the Postdoctoral Research Associate will join the “plasma-based particle accelerators” team at Laboratoire d’Optique Appliquée (LOA). The primary goal of this postdoctoral position is to implement and conduct experiments aimed at advancing beam-driven plasma accelerator research and to evaluate the potential of hybrid schemes, combining laser-driven plasma accelerators (also referred to as LWFA), and beam-driven plasma accelerators (also referred to as PWFA), for the production of high-brightness beams and light sources. As the Research Associate will join an international collaboration, the experiments will not only take place at LOA, but also at other major international facilities involved in PWFA research, such as the upcoming FACET II facility (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory). Depending on the applicant’s profile, the experimental work can also be complemented with numerical and theoretical studies.

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