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LOA gathers around 90 people including 43 permanent staff. The permanent staff mainly comes from three french agencies (ENSTA-Paris Tech, CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique-Paris Tech). LOA welcomes twenty PhD students per year, some twenty scientists doing research, and a team of ITA to ensure administrative work and to support research activities.

Research activity at LOA is addressed by 8 teams. The topics are the development of intense femtosecond lasers, plasma physics and laser-matter interaction, the production of radiation sources and particle by laser, and applications of femtosecond sources of radiation and particles. Researchers have 9 rooms available for on site experiments. They also collaborate strongly with national and international partners.

  • FCB : Femto-bio-chemistery
  • FLEX : Ultrafast X-ray sources
  • ILM : Laser-matter interaction
  • LHP : High power laser
  • OPS : Optics, Photonics and surgery
  • PCO : Physics of optical cycle
  • SPL : Laser-based particle sources
  • APPLI: Application of ultrafast sources to solid state physics

The distribution of permanent staff per funding agency:



The LOA staff is as follows (ITA: Technician and Engineers, Chercheur: researchers, CDD: non-permanent staff):


Thanks to the high quality of the research work, the laboratory gets contracts (national and international) in addition to the funds provided by the 3 national agencies. The annual budget of the laboratory (not including salaries of staff and infrastructure costs) is around € 3 million (2015), of which 70% is based on contracts. The total budget of LOA is approching 6M€ for year 2015 (see figure below). It includes salaries and infrastructures costs. 








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