Ultrafast sources of Particles and X rays (UPX)

The UPX research group ( Ultrafast sources of Particles and X rays) focusses on the study of fundamental aspects of laser plasma interaction in the relativistic regime, on  the development of laser plasma accelerators and particle beams, on the development of ultrafast x-ray sources from intense femtosecond lasers, and on the application of these secondary sources such as high-resolution imaging in time and space of the matter. This  is a long-standing activity at LOA that has started more than 20 years ago. The group is a recognized as a world leader in these fields with many pioneering results obtained all along the years. UPX covers every aspects of the generation of ultrafast particle and X-ray sources from the understanding of fundamental phenomena to the demonstration of new concepts of  sources based on laser-produced plasmas.

Recent research achievements

Relativistic X-ray Sources

Relativistic X-ray Sources The research on Femtosecond x-ray radiation sources based on laser plasma accelerators has now shown considerable progresses

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UPX Publications


Staff of the UPX group