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Electron acceleration
Cedric Thaury (laser-driven)
Sebastien Corde (Electron-driven)
Jérôme Faure (High repetition rate)

Proton acceleration
Alessandro Flacco

Laser-plasma filamentation & application
Aurélien Houard

Relativistic X-ray sources
Kim Ta Phuoc
Cedric Thaury
Sébastien Corde

Soft X-ray lasers
Stephane Sebban

High order harmonics
Guillaume Lambert

Ultrafast lasers (optical cycle)
Rodrigo Lopez-Martens

Plasma physics at the opticle cycle time scale
Stefan Haessler
Rodrigo Lopez-Martens
Jérôme Faure

Bio-Medical studies
Philippe Zeitoun (X-ray)
Alessandro Flacco (radio biology at high dose)

Ultrafast dynamics of the matter
Davide Boschetto (strongly correlated systems)
Jérôme Faure (strongly correlated systems)
Guillaume Lambert (ultrafast magnetization)

Ultra-high time & space resolution imaging
Kim Ta phuoc (X-ray)
Philippe Zeitoun (X-ray)
Jérôme Faure (ultrafast electron diffraction)

LOA management

Administrative department: Patricia Toullier
LOA Director : Stéphane Sebban