The LOA staff gathers 81 people @ June 15th, 2018. Permanent researchers, non-permanent researchers (Ph.D and Postdocs) and support staff represents each of them 1/3 of the total laboratory staff. 

At LOA, 45 % of our researchers are junior scientists (up to 10-12 years after the Ph. D) and 55 % are advanced ones.

Non-permanent staff in Researcher, Technician & Engineers categories are included. If permanent staff are only considered (still with postdoc and PhD students), the percentages do not change significantly (±2%). Researcher category includes also staff with a statute of Research Engineer but doing a research activity instead of technical support of the research.

The LOA staff guarantees equality between men and women on its best effort basis. There is no specific action undertaken within the laboratory since the managing team feels that women and men are considered equally in each level of LOA daily operation (hiring, career progression, …).

The teams at LOA pay attention to the gender balance and try to improve it. There are 20 % of women among the permanent staff @ June 15th, 2018 (25 % for the whole laboratory staff). This ratio remains almost the same (23 %) in case of PhD students.