The total number of publication (@December 2017) since the creation of the laboratory is 1601 with a sum of time cited of 52913 according to Web Of Knowledge data analysis. Without taking account proceedings of conference, this correspond to an h-index of 111 (111 papers are cited more than 111 times) and an average citation per item of 42. LOA has published 226 articles in peered-review journals in 2013-2017 , which corresponds to an average of 45 articles published per year.

Number of publications and sum of time cited per year of LOA publications since 1977 (Web of Knowledge, @december 2017). If proceedings are not taken into account: total publications = 1206 and sum of time cited = 51160.

In the top ranked journals with impact factors higher than 8, LOA teams have published 40 articles in the period 2013-2017 among which 7 are from journals with impact factors larger than 20 like Review of Modern Physics, Nature, Nature Physics, Nature Photonics. An analysis from SCImago Journal Rankings (SJR indicator) and Scival Bibliometric data source is also presented. In average, close to 20% of the LOA articles are published in the top 1% ranked journals, 40 % within the top 5% and more than the half (60%) within the top 10%. The average number of invitations at conferences per year is 40.

LOA publications per year in top journals according to SCImago Journal Rankings (SJR indicator) and Scival Bibliometric data source.


Distribution of LOA publications from 2013 (only peer-review journals without proceedings of conferences etc…) as a function of the journals impact factors(JCR 2018). “20+” includes LOA publication in RMP, Nature, Nature Physics, Nature Photonics. “8-15” includes LOA publication in Nature Communications, PRX, PRL, Light Science & Applications, Nano Letters. “3-7” includes LOA publications in Scientific reports, PRB, Optics letters, optics Express, Applied Physics Letters, New Journal of Physics, …


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