LOA is recognized for 30 years as a research centre for fundamental and applied physics in ultrafast science, with the mission to understand and reveal the properties of the matter under strong excitation and at the shortest time or space scales. To excite, control and probe at the highest resolution, teams have developed programs in non-linear ultrafast optics and laser-plasma physics with a longstanding tradition to perform applications in other academic fields as well as in addressing key societal issues.

Particle In cell simulation of laser-plasma electron accelerators

Quality of the research in the laboratory is based on highly competitive teams, with scientists being part of the international leaders of their field. They have a clear understanding of key technical and scientific challenges that may be addressed in these fast-evolving topics. One of the strengths of our scientific strategy is the remarkable transverse relationship between internal teams that merge their expertise and task force to consolidate and boost up the development of LOA research topics: femtosecond intense laser systems, laser-plasma accelerators, laser-plasma x-ray sources, laser-plasma filaments, space & time ultra high-resolution imaging with laser-plasma based sources, societal applications of laser-plasmas (radiobiology at high dose, non-destructuve testing, medical x-ray imaging, laser-plasma filaments technology).

Salle Violette experimental room at LOA


Scientific objectives

F-ILM research group,   UPX research group,   SIIM research group,  APPLI research group,   PCO research group

Experimental Infrastructures